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My friend, Wilson

Meeting my friend, Wilson, for the first time.

During one of my day shifts at Loma de Luz, Dr. Jason asked if I could assist him with a young, malnourished boy. His family was concerned he was unable to poop for a couple days so Dr. Jason needed help to disimpact him. When I walked into his clinic room, I was shocked. Wilson is 9 years old and weighed 14 pounds! Yes, you heard that correctly. Wilson has cerebral palsy due to a complication from birth. His father died from a stroke 2 years ago, leaving his mom to care for 6 children. His oldest sister, 22 years old, is Wilson's primary caregiver. Dr. Jason and I disimpacted Wilson but his abdomen was still distended. We did a quick ultrasound and realized his bladder was full of urine. We inserted a Foley catheter and 550 mL of urine returned into the bag. This sweet little guy was so emaciated I honestly did not know how he was still alive. Dr. Jason discussed Wilson with our pediatrician, Dr. Judy, who is currently our director of the Children's Sanctuary House. Wilson was admitted overnight for IV fluids and lab work, then discharged under Dr. Judy's care for a re-feeding program, mostly of high-protein foods including eggs and beans. After a period of 2 1/2 months, Wilson gained ~10 pounds and you can barely see his ribs. He still continues to follow up with Dr. Jason.

During Wilson's 2-month follow-up.

You might have asked yourself, how did Wilson become so malnourished and emaciated? Did his family neglect him? I would say no. To be so emaciated, Wilson surprisingly did not have any skin breakdown that you would expect to see with a non-mobile person. His family took very good care of him. Wilson got to this point due to a lack of resources. A lack of governmental resources to help disabled children in Honduras, a lack of resources from his family due to the poverty they live in, and a lack of educational and nutritional resources available to his family.

Please continue to life this sweet family up in prayer.