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His Story, His Glory: Carolyn

Carolyn is the face of a true miracle from God! She is 4 years old and has TGV (Transposition of the Great Arteries), where most of her blood is by-passes her lungs and goes straight to her body without being oxygenated. TGV has a 90% mortality rate at 12 months if surgery is not performed. Carolyn has not had surgery so the fact she is 4 is an even bigger miracle in itself!

While at home, her mom said that Carolyn stopped breathing. They drove not over, but THROUGH, 2 rivers, approximately 15 minutes, to get to our hospital. She was literally DEAD and not breathing when she arrived. Our amazing team of missionary and Honduran staff worked on her for about 2 hours and witnessed the hand of God work a miracle in Carolyn. I stayed with her throughout the night to monitor her closely (I honestly did not think she would make it given with her heart condition). But then, I started to see a shift in her. She asked to go home, asked for her paci, and kept asking for her mom to sing to her. You would have never known we performed chest compressions and inserted a tube into her lungs to help her breath just a few hours prior.

I told her parents it is a true MIRACLE that Carolyn was doing so well. Carolyn's dad replied, "I do not believe in God." I believe God performed a miracle to soften her dad's heart to receive His love and know Him through His Son, Jesus. Carolyn went home today. PRAISE GOD! Please pray for her and her family, especially her dad. God is not done with Carolyn yet and her story is not over. #HisStoryHisGlory

[photo shared with permission from Carolyn's mom]