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I'm moving to Honduras tomorrow!

It's Finally Here!

Today, April 6th, is my 21st spiritual birthday! Praise God! I am so thankful for what the Lord has done in my life the past 21 years of following Him. I fall short daily, as we all do, but His grace and mercy meets us where we are as we strive to be more like Jesus and deepen our relationship with Him

I am just short of my monthly budget per month so if you feel led to give monthly, click on this link. I only need 7 people at $50/month OR 14 people at $25/month and I will be FULLY-FUNDED! Praise God! Speaking of praising God: He sent monthly financial partners to join the work He is doing in Honduras, totaling $778/month in only 4 weeks!! Only God can do that! It just blows my mind, y'all! He is GOOD!

Travel Itinerary

Myrtle Beach, SC 6:05am --> Atlanta, GA 7:24am (Delta DL 2543) Atlanta, GA 11:00am --> Roatan, Honduras 12:27am (Delta DL 694) Roatan Ferry 2:00pm --> La Ceiba, Honduras 3:20 pm (Praising God for answered prayers because 2 men will be traveling with me to Loma de Luz) I will be shopping for groceries and picking up a few items I need to hold me over to our trip to La Ceiba the following Saturday. Arrival time to Loma de Luz: ~7:30pm - 8pm which makes it a LONG DAY. SIDE NOTE: I will be traveling back to South Carolina at the end of June. Until I gain my residency in Honduras, I must leave the country every 90 days for 72 hours. Once I obtain my residency, I can stay in the county as long as I want (I have 1-2 trips to the States/year budgeted).

How to Contact Me:

While in Honduras, I plan to keep my T-Mobile phone number (843-516-1710).

  1. Facetime me on your iPhone

  2. TEXT me (number above)

  3. Call or video call me via Facebook Messenger

  4. Skype (vanessa.suggs)

  5. Call or text me on Whatsapp (using my number above)

  6. Email or

Care Packages:

Please mail to Vanessa Suggs| PO Box 696 |Loris, SC 29569 I will receive them once I am home and will take them back to Honduras.