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Join Where God is at Work

Where is God working around you?

A few years ago, I attended Your Next Step Institute, a ministry of Doug and Joan Dorman where they train pastors and disciples to be disciple-makers. One particular session, we went through a Henry Blackaby study, Experiencing God. My favorite quote from the study is, "Watch where God is working and join Him." I wanted to share how the Lord has collided what I learned in that study with everything I have gone through this past year. I pray that it encourages you in whatever season of life you are in.

This past year has been filled with setbacks in being able to leave for the mission field, from being punched in the face by a patient with dementia (requiring eye surgery and vision that is still blurry), to being in a wreck a few weeks ago, totaling my car and leaving me with a concussion and 2 bulging discs in my back. I can assure you that the Lord has strongly called me to serve Him in the nations, specifically in Honduras, with the gifts and talents He gave me while knitting me together in my mother's womb. Marinate on that thought for just a moment. While I (and you) were being formed, God knew the purposes we would fulfill for His glory, He knew the struggles and trials we would face, yet He promised He would never leave or forsake us. I will admit it has been quite discouraging that I am not on the mission field right now. There are days when the enemy has left me feeling defeated, then I find myself praying and taking those frustrations to the foot of the cross where He graciously reveals how He continues to use me where I am for His glory, which has been quite humbling over this past year. I have peace in the promise that "the gifts and calling of God are irrevocable" (Romans 11:29). So during this season I find myself in, I am opening my eyes to see what is going on around me, because when I do just that, I see Him at work everywhere! My challenge to you is: Where is God at work around you? Are you joining Him in His Kingdom work or are you encountering God day after day and not recognizing the work of His hands in your life and in those around you? I pray God aligns your heart with His heart. May He open your eyes to see where He is at work and how you can adjust your life in joining Him to make an eternal impact for His glory.

Read below on how I have joined the work of God recently.

Puerto Rico Medical Evacuations

Imagine yourself in Puerto Rico experiencing the fierce 155 mph winds of Hurricane Maria. During the storm, you become short of breath, gasping for air, along with sharp, stabbing chest pain. What do you do? This story has become quite too familiar for many patients in Puerto Rico. Being a nurse, and preparing to serve the Lord as a medical missionary, I wanted to jump on the next flight to Puerto Rico to help take care of patients in overcrowded hospitals that had no electricity and no clean water. Though my heart yearned to be in Puerto Rico to help, God brought Puerto Rico to me through a patient who was evacuated for medical treatment. This patient, whom I will call Josue (name redacted), was in critical condition after going into cardiac arrest per the medical staff in Puerto Rico. Josue was evacuated, via a private plane, to Columbia, SC with both his wife and his son, who is a nurse in Puerto Rico. Since I know Spanish, I requested to have Josue as my patient, resulting in taking care of him 4 days in a row. It was such a blessing! His wife shared how she had to go 4 houses down to get help for Josue as the hurricane had started to bear down on Puerto Rico. In preparation for Maria, they had boarded up their windows, so when she returned with their neighbor during the night, it was pitch black as they lost electricity during the storm. Once Josue arrived at the hospital and they realized how critical he was, she cried out to God to help him. When she saw the Medivac private plane arrive to evacuate Josue, she thanked the Lord for showing them favor. Unfortunately, during my day off, Josue because more unstable and went into respiratory distress, where he was transferred to the cardiac care unit (CCU). I went to visit him and he had such a HUGE smile on his face! He told me (in Spanish) that he missed me taking care of him because I spent time with him and his family, talked about God and prayed for them. When I told Josue and his wife that my travel assignment contract had ended and I would no longer be able to see him, they both cried, which made me cry. Before I left, I prayed over Josue and wife in Spanish and English. When I was done, his wife hugged me and said, "If we no longer see you here on earth, we will see you again in Heaven. Thank you for being God's angel to us during this difficult time." That just melted my heart. Through delays and setbacks in being able to depart for the mission field, God continues to use situations and people like Josue to encourage me to keep walking with the Lord, keep trusting in His perfect, Sovereign timing, and continue to watch where God is working and join Him.

DISCLAIMER: For the story above, I gained permission from both the patient and his family to share their story so you can pray for them. I also changed his name for the sake of this story but God knows his name.

Donating Blood

I may not be able to help in the aftermath of the Las Vegas shooting, but I can join how God is working by saving lives through donating my blood. In memory of those who were tragically killed in Las Vegas, and in honor of those still fighting for their lives, I donated platelets and plasma last week. There is a shortage of whole blood across the country, while platelets are in critical need. I encourage you to consider donating blood, or blood products, at your local Red Cross.


For those who have recently expressed interest in giving monthly to my ministry in Honduras, you can CLICK HERE to be redirected to the site. If you would like to set up bill pay or send a check in each month, you may do both with the address PO Box 132 Fruitevale, TX 75127 with my account number of 146 in the memo section.

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