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Miracles Happening at Loma de Luz!

Since I am not serving at Loma de Luz quite yet (God's timing), I wanted to share a story of a young man with you from my fellow missionaries serving at Loma.

2 months ago, Jose, 19 years old, was riding on a motorcycle without a helmet late at night with two of his friends. It was really dark and they were going at a high rate of speed. All of a sudden, they crashed into a cow (splitting it in half per witnesses at the scene). Jose fell off and hit his head. He suffered a major head trauma and went into a coma so he was transferred to San Pedro Sula (the nearest "major city"). Jose suffered internal bleeding, a skull fracture, multiple facial bone fractures, 5 jaw fractures, a broken arm and shoulder, multiple rib fractures, and a severe brain injury where he was left on a stretcher in a coma for days at the government hospital. Jose's family had heard of Hospital Loma de Luz and desperately made the 5 hour journey to see if our medical team could do anything to help Jose. 6 days after the accident, traveling down a long, rural dirt road, Jose arrived at Loma de Luz with a Glascow coma score of 7, only moving to painful stimuli and would not open his eyes.

Due to his 8 rib fractures and not being able to breathe deeply, Jose's oxygen saturations were 70% and he needed to be intubated and placed on a ventilator with positive pressure to keep his lungs opened. Dr. Peter, one of our missionary doctors who specializes in emergency medicine, called in Jose's family and explained that his condition was muy grave (very serious) and Jose was not expected to survive. He planned to leave Jose on the ventilator for 24 hours so his family could say their good-byes. Dr. Peter prayed for a miracle and comfort for Jose's family before leaving the room.

Jose's family are strong Christians but his Tio (uncle) told Liz, my friend and fellow missionary nurse, that he had previously had a conversation with Jose where he told him he did not believe in God. Jose's uncle believed God would give Jose a second chance at life in hopes of accepting Jesus as His Savior. So the family remained at his bedside fervently praying for Jose. 24 hours came and left with no change in Jose's condition. 48 hours later, Jose was extubated and taken off the ventilator, being placed on a CPAP machine. Unfortunately, he developed a pneumothorax that required a chest tube to be inserted. The staff waited for him to die, and remained at the bedside to comfort his family when that time came. Jose held on for days with some improvement in his vital signs. He failed his brain activity tests but he still held on. Our missionary staff had seen patients pass away with a brain injury simliar to Jose's. They believed he would die like the others, but they, along with his family, remained at his bedside, fervently praying. About a week after being taken off the ventilator, Dr. Peter went into Jose's room to exam him. A loud shriek was heard from the room as Dr. Peter witnessed Jose try to purposely push against Dr. Peter's hand! That was the first sign of life he had exhibited in 2 weeks! Praise the Lord! Jose progressively became more stable, so he was taken to the OR to repair his fractured jaw and facial bones. Since his jaw had to be wired shut to heal (for 3 weeks), a feeding tube was inserted to provide nutrition so the rest of his body could heal.

Jose eventually became strong enough to sit up in a recliner. Since his family had been very attentive to his needs and cared for him so well while in the hospital, he was discharged home. 2 weeks after his discharge, Jose came in for a follow-up appointment. For a young man who was not expected to survive, Jose came in WALKING and TALKING!!

Praise for the Lord for this amazing miracle, and all of the others that He has performed at Loma de Luz! I am truly honored to be called to serve here.

Would you consider partnering with me monthly so that I can join the work the Lord continues to do at Hospital Loma de Luz?

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