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God's Goodness in Fossil Hunting

What does the goodness of God have to do with digging for fossils? I had no clue either until God gave me a revelation of it last week. Just hang tight.

The past few months have been quite difficult. I encountered setbacks with my eye and my departure date for Honduras, along with things that have happened in my family and with close friends. I feel as if I am in a constant holding pattern, circling around with no idea of how or when I will be able to land.

I think all of it hit me at once last week and I just needed to get away to clear my head. Since I had 3 days off, I decided to travel to Aurora, NC to dig for some fossils. The Aurora Fossil Museum allows the public to dig in a "dirt pile" provided by a local mining company...for FREE. You can find small to very large fossils in the pile, all yours to keep.

(microfossils of baby shark teeth, stingray palates, and shells)

While there, I used a plastic kiddie shovel and a 12 inch sifter to go through the matrix. Once I began, I kept finding a lot of very small baby shark teeth, some not even 1-2 millimeters in length. My goal was to find a megalodon tooth, the biggest shark known to man with teeth up to 6-7 inches! The deeper I dug, the bigger the teeth that remained in my sifter. Then, it happened. I FOUND A MEGALODON tooth!!! Oh, my!! What an exhilarating moment that was! Though it had a broken root, it still measured 2 1/2 inches long! My biggest find yet! I continued to sift through more matrix, digging a deeper hole, with anticipation of finding an even bigger tooth. Unfortunately, I did not find any bigger teeth. In fact, after finding the meg, any good, measurable-sized tooth I found was such a disappointment.

(larger teeth I found, including the megalodon tooth)

Then, God spoke a verse in my heart, revealing something to me that put a smile on my face.

"Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good; Blessed is the man who trusts in Him!" Psalm 34:8

David encouraged and instructed the people, imploring them to seek the Lord and know His goodness. Then, David tells them they will be blessed by trusting in God. God revealed to me the same is true for my relationship with Him. When I drift away and do not trust God with even the minute details of my life, everything is such a disappointment (like finding the smaller shark teeth)! When my desire is to passionately chase after Him, I truly taste His goodness in my life, and it is exhilarating (when I found the megalodon tooth)! Nothing compares to knowing our Savior on a deeper level. When I relinquish my control, and whole-heartedly trust and depend on the Lord to provide my every need, I am truly blessed and see His hand at work in a way only He can do. How beautiful to watch and experience it! Sometimes, often daily, I need that reminder. So while I wait for the Lord to heal my eye in His timing, and to be able to depart for Honduras, I will press even harder into Him, cling to His promises, and rest in His Sovereignty. I encourage you to do the same! Nothing is sweeter than experiencing the goodness of the Lord in your life.

Nothing is wasted, for we know that "in ALL things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose."

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