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NEW Surgery Date

The past 2 weeks have been a complete whirlwind! I'll share briefly below and explain how GOOD God is through it all!

BACK STORY I was punched in the face by a confused, combative patient, resulting in bleeding in my eye, blurred vision, and high pressure inside the eye. Due to limited resources in Honduras and not a guarantee of an American eye doctor to follow up on me, I decided to have surgery before I move to Honduras. THE PAST 2 WEEKS Worker's comp denied my claim stating I have pre-existing conditions (I've had multiple surgeries in my eye due to a trauma when I was 7 years old). My eye doctor placed me on light duty work with restrictions of no heavy lifting or bending over, which is impossible for a nurse. Human Resources would not allow me to work light duty because it was related to my eye injury and worker's comp denied my claim. I have been out of work the past 2 weeks with no source of income. I spoke with a worker's comp lawyer who decided not to represent me because of the way the doctor worded answers on his questionnaire ("It is possible" the punched caused the bleeding instead of "It is more than likely"). Needless to say, the past 2 weeks have been filled with anger, frustration, hopelessness and discouragement BUT thanks to all of your prayers, they have also been filled with love, encouragement, hope, and peace! I do not think I have ever prayed so fervently with intention in every word spoken out loud or in my heart. My new prayer journal has been filled to the brim. One afternoon this past week, I spent an hour battling cold temperatures and strong winds walking on the beach praying and speaking with the Lord. I prayed the verse above, casting all of my frustrations of the situation at the feet of Jesus. As the waves continued to crash onto the shore, the peace in my heart began to well up inside as I surrendered the situation to Him, that His will be done. As my friend Abi says, "His Story for His Glory." THE LORD'S PROVISIONS The goodness of the Lord and His work over the past 5 days have completely blown my mind, doing IMMEASURABLY MORE than I could have EVER asked or imagined!! A friend of mine who works in Human Resources suggested I apply for the HOPE Fund, a fund for HCA employees who are experiencing hardships. I filled out the application and received a phone call that they are depositing $2500 in my bank account for 2 weeks of lost wages AND the doctor's fee for surgery, which has to be paid before surgery. PRAISE THE LORD!!! With everything that has happened over the past 2 weeks, especially over the past 5 days, my surgery date has been moved to Thursday, February 9th at 7:15 am. THINGS TO PRAY FOR -The Lord to be gloried through it all! -Approval of my charity program application -Wisdom for the the doctor and those taking care of me -That I do not get sick from the anesthesia -Continued provisions for the 3 weeks I will be out of work -I am always on the go and don't do well with being "still." Pray the Lord uses this time of being "still" to further deepen my relationship with Him -That my heart continues to remain at peace and steadfast in Jesus -Also pray for my dad's sister (Zonnie) who was admitted to ICU at Conway Hospital for kidney failure and severe dehydration.

I would be honored to pray for you! You can send your requests to

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