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Dominican Republic Medical Clinic w/ Providence Baptist

Jesus went through all the towns and villages, teaching in their synagogues, proclaiming the good news of the kingdom and healing every disease and sickness.

Matthew 9:35

Providence Baptist is a special group of people I consider like family. I have enjoyed serving our Father in the Dominican Republic with them over the past three years. Even though our team was low in the number of team members this year, I am blown away at how He had gone before us to pick "His team," from adding a Dominican physician to our clinic to reuniting with friends who joined us in ministry for a couple of days. More importantly, we praise the Lord for the 40 people who accepted Jesus into their hearts at their Lord and Savior.

DISCLAIMER: Please be patient as you look through the pictures/stories below. The Lord did AMAZING things this past week I want to share with you!)

God Stories 2 Years in the Making

2 years ago, we arrived at a house with the intention of sharing the Gospel and giving away food to a mother whose two children attended Emmanuel House. Little did we know, Reina, the grandmother of the children, would be home and had just prayed that the Lord would provide food for her and her family. 5 minutes later, we walked in with a bag of food. (By the Lord's sovereignty, He placed us there to answer the prayer from one of His daughters.) While in Quisqueya on Saturday, we reunited with Reina and had the opportunity to meet her daughter, Heidi, who was not home 2 years ago. I love how the Lord brings everything full-circle.

Marqueya (far right) is the founder and director of Emmanuel House.

2 years ago, Tim and John met a young man in the Dump with electrical burns to the back of his legs. He disappeared before we could get him to the clinic. The next day, Tim found him so he could receive treatment for his burns. Last year, we briefly saw Francis outside the church. This year, Tim spotted Francis outside of the church, again. He was able to share the Gospel with him. I am ecstatic to announce that Francis is now our new brother in Christ...2 years later :-) God's timing is always perfect!

The Importance of Clean Water

Our team held medical clinics at the city Dump in Santo Domingo on Monday and Tuesday. I treated an 8-month-old baby who only weighed 12 pounds. The mother was concerned the baby was having too much diarrhea. Upon further investigation, the mother had been collecting rain water to mix with the baby's formula, which resulted in the baby getting diarrhea from parasites. It was apparent the baby was severely dehydrated from her appearance and sunken fontanelles.

Our team had a burden placed on our hearts to help this baby AND another baby with a similar situation that was 6-months-old and weighed 10 pounds. So, at 10pm that night, Van and Dr. Jhonny went to a pharmacy around the corner to buy formula, Pedialyte, new bottles, etc for the mothers.

When the parents returned next day, the mother of the second child did not come, but instead, the father brought the baby to the clinic. After receiving the gifts for his child, he was invited to the evangelism station where he accepted Christ as His Lord and Savior! Gloria a Dios! His face was RADIANT for the rest of the day!

Learning New Skills

During our third day of clinic in Villa Honduras, we saw a lot of patients who were complaining of arthritic knee pain. Dr. Bob showed me how to look for the "eyes of the knee" to be able to begin the process of injecting the knee with lidocaine and steroids. With his assistance, I injected my first knee at the end of the day.

Feeding Emmanuel House Familes

On Saturday, our team had the honor of feeding 120 families of children who attend Emmanuel House. Before receiving the food, we were able to give testimonies, share the Gospel, and pray with the families. That afternoon, we went door-to-door with Marqueya to visit other families who were unable to attend the event earlier in the day. We were able to minister to and feed an additional 30 more families.

The Deaf in the Dominican Republic

Meet my new friend, Grady. She is such a sweetheart! When I first arrived at Emmanuel House on Saturday, she took my hand and we walked everywhere together. I wanted to practice my Spanish so I asked her questions for nearly 30 minutes. I noticed she would look at me and smile, or laugh, when I asked her a question but never spoke a word. I found out later that Grady is deaf. She attends the deaf school at Emmanuel House, one of the very few deaf schools in the Dominican Republic. These students are no longer an outcast and are given an option of attending school, where they are thriving in their education.

Souls Being Redeemed

Sunday afternoon, our team had the honor of seeing 17 young men from Robersy's baseball ministry be baptized after church! It was an honor to see them be raised to new life in Christ! “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.” 2 Corinthians 5:17 ESV


  • I have been sick the past 6 days while in the DR (swollen eyes due to an allergic reaction to a cat, nausea and vomiting with a fever, and "gripe"). Please pray I recover quickly and do not catch anything else.

  • We have two medical teams coming down within the next couple weeks. Pray for the teams as they prepare for clinics, but also pray the Lord will start to prepare the hearts of those we will be ministering to.

I am SO close to being fully funded (65%). Will you consider giving monthly towards my medical ministry in the Dominican Republic? NO AMOUNT IS TOO SMALL.

Estare orando por ti! Dios te bendiga!

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